MOVIN' ON UP: Six Easy Tips to Make Your Moving Day a Breeze

MOVIN' ON UP: Six Easy Tips to Make Your Moving Day a Breeze

Moving is a lot of work. It can very easily become overwhelming and extremely stressful. Between packing, coordinating help, physically moving, unpacking, ordering the items that you’re missing and redecorating--it’s a long and complicated process.

Don’t let your move descend into chaos. Follow our six easy tips to make your move as easy, organized and painless as possible.

1. Pack Methodically.

If you have advanced notice about your upcoming move, start packing 30-60 days before your moving day so you don’t have to rush and so things don’t get lost or broken in a whirlwind last-minute pack.

Start small, going from room to room (leaving the things like your kitchen, bathroom vanity and closet for last) packing boxes, labelling the boxes with the room they go in and a short list of its contents, stacking them neatly and cleaning the rooms as you go. If you do a little bit every couple of days, it won’t be such a big job to do all at once and you can sort through what you want to pack, toss and donate along the way so you aren’t moving junk that you don’t need.

2. Get Organized.

Once you’ve secured your new place, choose a moving date. Then, work backwards to figure out what you need to do and when you need to do it.

How much time do you have to pack? Do you need to rent a UHaul? What’s your budget? Do you need to hire movers or ask friends or family to help? Are they available on your moving day? Where will you pick up boxes? When will you pack? Who do you contact to pick up the keys to your new place and sign any outstanding documentation? If you were renting, do you have to do any repainting if you painted your place when you moved in? If you’re moving into a condo, do you need to reserve an elevator? Do you know where you can park? Do you need a pet-sitter on moving day?

Be as organized as possible to try and get ahead of any issues that may arise on your moving day--you want that day to go as smoothly as possible.

3. Be Ready On Moving Day.

The worst thing you can be doing on moving day is to keep your movers waiting because you’re not ready or *gasp* you’re still packing. UHaul and most moving companies charge by the hour, so being unprepared costs you money and wastes everyone’s time.

For a smooth and easy moving day, make yourself a schedule: when does your team arrive (movers, friends, family, etc.)? Do you need to pick up a vehicle first? Do you need to pick up keys first? Do you need to be out of your old place at a certain time? When did you book the elevators (if applicable)? Remember to pencil in ample time for you to shower, get dressed and ready, eat and then pack up the last of your things (last dishes, bathroom vanity, remaining clothes/bedding) in the morning before you have to get started on anything else.

Manage your time by planning out the day. Give yourself some wiggle room just in case there are hiccups, you run into traffic, if someone’s late or for any other reason. You don’t want to incur unforeseen costs for going overtime with a rented vehicle or a moving company--it can get really expensive really quickly.

Being packed, ready and organized on the day will curb a lot of stress!

4. Delay Deliveries.

Moving is already chaotic being between locations of your new place and old place, keeping track of movers (whether they’re friends or a moving company) and coordinating where furniture and boxes go--don’t add to your stress by having deliveries arrive that day as well.

Your moving vehicles may be blocking the driveway for the delivery truck or you may not be at your new place to receive the delivery so (if they don’t make a second attempt) you may have to pick up the item from the depot anyway.

Instead, schedule your delivery for the next day when you will be home unpacking and able to receive your package. If you’re having something delivered that you absolutely need on the first night of being in your new place like a mattress, schedule your delivery for a week before your moving day, keep it in the box if possible and move it with the rest of your stuff.

5. Set Up Essential Services.

Make the day after your moving day your settling-in day.

Receive deliveries, start unpacking and get your essential services set up like WiFi, cable, phone, etc.. Just like receiving deliveries on moving day, having essential services set up on moving day can cause unnecessary stress and risk incurring extra fees if you’re not in your new place when they arrive to set up or if waiting for them causes you to go overtime on your vehicle rental.

And, waiting a week or so after moving in to set up essential services is a lonnnng time in our modern world. So, schedule your essential services set up to occur just after moving day when you’re home and available.

6. Get Off To A Good Start With Your New Neighbours.

Be a good neighbour from the very beginning--introduce yourself to your new neighbours and inform them that there will be extra vehicles on the street and extra people in and out of the building or house on your moving day.

Be mindful not to block anyone’s driveway while your moving.

And, be friendly, this is your new community :).


Wishing everyone a stress-free and easy summer move!


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