Stuck Inside: Here are 7 activities to make the time fly!

Stuck Inside: Here are 7 activities to make the time fly!

We're living through some very interesting times these days, but there is no reason we shouldn't make the best of it! Here's a list of activities to be enjoyed responsibly, from the safety of your home.



 There is simplified satisfaction when finding that one piece you’ve been looking to fill for ages. Puzzles are wonderful for keeping your active mind focused on something. Whether you prefer a solitary activity for some desired peace and quiet, or a fun chat filled event with the family, A good puzzle is sure to put some peace in that busy mind of yours. There is no shortage of puzzles on Amazon and these days, that’s a convenience you can't put a price on. Whether you decide to finish it in a single sitting or leave it out on a table for days, the choice is yours!

Home Work Out

 It's easy for us to get lazy when confined to our homes. If you're like us and have a great mattress in your bedroom, at times its tough to even get out of bed! It's crucial to stay motivated in these times of solitude and a home workout is a great way to stay healthy in the mind and body. If you're in need of instructional videos for some guided yoga or plyometrics, Youtube is a great spot to start. It's full of instructional videos on any home workout you could think of.

Catch up on shows/movies

Yes, our last point of a home workout may contradict this one a bit, but hey everyone needs some downtime. With all the streaming services these days, it was near impossible to keep up with all the shows and movies, until now! Now is your chance to get back up to date with the endless amounts of shows and movies. You can even watch shows and movies with friends, from while maintaining social distancing! By using the service Netflix Party, you and up to 9 others can watch and make live comments on whatever it is you're viewing!

In Bed With: you and your significant other.

This one kind of speaks for itself. A lot of sex and love coaches are predicting a wave of CoronaKids after the pandemic settles. When they hit their teenage years, we can call them the Quaranteens!

Facebook Video Chats / Watch Party

Facebook has always been a perfect way to stay connected with your friends and family, but the video chat feature is a game-changer when you're seeking some human interaction. You can also host a watch party where you and your friends take turns queueing up whatever videos you want and live commenting with your community. The possibilities are endless. 


Have you had that one book you've been meaning to read for years but never got around to? Well, the time is now! Dust off that bookshelf and make the most of the extra inside time! Find your favorite chair, pour a nice mug of tea, and settle in! Do take caution though, as relaxing as reading in bed maybe, if you have a Sleepenvie mattress a nice reading session often turns into a nap very quickly.

Decorating your home

Decorating your home is always fun! This is a perfect time to get crafty and spice up the appearance of your indoor decor. You can always look to Pinterest and Houzz for your home renovations inspiration. If you're getting more stir crazy than you thought you would, the housework doesn't have to stop at decorations! Many households have that door that squeaks, that handle that jiggles or that window that won't quite close all the way, and now's the perfect time to bring out that toolbox and showoff those handy skills. The time may soon come where even household chores may be fun! We recommend throwing on your favorite playlist and making the most of your daily tasks. Also If your cleaning lady told you she's working from home, we have some bad news for you…


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