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Ready or not, fall is here! The leaves have started to turn and pumpkin-spiced-everything has hit menus everywhere! 

This season, there is lots to do outside of your home like pumpkin patch visits, corn mazes, taking in the fall colours and more. Bring the fall magic right into your living room with our six fall decor items for every budget.

1. Pumpkins, Pinecones and Fall Flower Arrangements.

A great budget-friendly way at add fun, fall touches to your living room. You could use cute little orange or white pumpkins, a colourful fall flower arrangement or a decorative bowl full of pinecones to decorate your shelves, media unit and/or coffee table with natural fall elements.

2. Scented Candles.

Fill your living room with the fabulous scents of the season with scented candles. Fall has all the best aromas with autumn leaves, cinnamon, maple, balsam, campfire, apple orchard and toffee topping the charts. Our favourite is Driftwood Decor’s Pumpkin Spice. All of Driftwood Decor’s candles are 100% non-GMO soy wax and burn for 50 hours, which means hours of decedent aroma, no matter which scent you choose.

3. Sleeper Sofa.

When those chilly fall nights hit, it’s a good idea to have your snuggle station all set up. Our new Sleeper Sofas are the perfect addition to your living room, especially with the holidays right around the corner, because they easily convert from sofas into beds for evening movie nights or to accommodate overnight guests. Some even come with blanket storage. Great sleep isn’t just for the bedroom anymore! 

4. Throw blanket.

Be prepared to cuddle up with cute fall throw blankets. Plaids, tartans, earth tones and faux fur will help to add the autumn look. Try something fuzz or chenille for extra coziness!

5. Throw pillows.

Throw pillows can be a great way to add fall colours to your living room for a relatively low cost. You can go with earth tones to match your new throw blanket or do something fun with a cute fall expression or image.

6. Twinkle lights. 

Using twinkle lights can be a great way of creating the soft glow effect of a fall campfire in your living room. They can really warm up the room and make it feel ultra-cozy. You can go with something classic and understated or add a fall touch with acorn twinkle lights.


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