FALL ASLEEP UNDER THE AUTUMN MAGIC: Six fall bedroom décor - relaxing ideas

FALL ASLEEP UNDER THE AUTUMN MAGIC: Six fall bedroom décor - relaxing ideas

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Fall is here with its warm colors and its cooler temperatures, a great season to enjoy long walks under the falling leaves.  Get those magical fall vibes into your bedroom and relax by making it your inner peace place. Just be careful, you might make it so cosy and peaceful you might have trouble getting out!

1. Citrus aroma candle.

Citrus scents like lemon or orange are well known for improving people’s mood. They both reduce stress and anxiety. Our favourite is Driftwood decor’s Sorbet orange vanilla scented candle. An idea to enhance your candle: in a glass jar filled with pine introduce your scented candle and relax!


2. Weighted blanket.

Fall is the opening gate of the blanket cuddling season. The Hush weighted blankets are said to provide comfort and help you sleep. Curious to give it a try? They have a 100 day free trial!


3. Bedroom rugs. 

No more cold floors, adding a bedroom rug will help you immediately warm up the room. Choose light soft colors and natural fabrics, which are rich in texture, to create a relaxing environment.


4. Reading Chairs.

Placed next to a window or in a corner of the bedroom a cozy and comfy chair will enhance your room. It will be the perfect place to sit with a book and a cup of tea, both very relaxing before going to bed. Asides decorating your room, having a chair in the bedroom always comes in handy when you want to put on your socks or take off your shoes.


 5. Plants.

Whoever says peace, says nature. Adding a purifying plant to your bedroom will not only clean the air, but it will give you peace and help you relax for a better night’s sleep. Our personal favourite is Aloe Vera.


6. Cosy bed.

Having a cosy and comfortable bed is essential to making your room that little piece of paradise, you’ll never want to leave. Make sure you have a good mattress, get a bed frame, padded styles are more comfortable and give better support, complete the look by adding a nice duvet with some throw pillows and soft bed sheets.


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