Canadian Winter Survival Kit

Canadian Winter Survival Kit

Calling all Canadians! Winter is here and just like you, we are dreading the cold! Luckily we’ve come with a Survival Kit to help everyone conquer the Great White North. While the thought of stepping outside into the negative degree weather is enough to make you want to move, there are so many tips and tricks available to help!

Hot Drinks 

While iced coffee is always an easy go-to, nothing keeps you warm like a warm drink! Whether it’s a Starbucks holiday specialty drink or a dark roast, nothing will warm you up (literally and figuratively) like a hot drink!

Stay in..

Nothing screams Winter survival more than staying in bed all day. Luckily we have you covered! Sleepenvie offers the best mattresses, pillows, and sleep accessories that will make every day you choose to hide from the cold worth it! Visit to take your custom mattress quiz to see which mattress is best for you!


Dress for the weather!

With winter upon us, layering is a must. There are so many cute ways to dress up and stay warm. From turtle necks, sweatshirts, scarves and cute boots the Winter is the best time to layer up and dress to impress!

Take advantage!

For all you snow lovers, take advantage of the beautiful season that is upon us! Skate, Ski, Snowboard, Build a snowman or just enjoy a cool walk outside! Canada has so much to offer, so don’t miss out!



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