A Magical Mothers Day for your Mom!

A Magical Mothers Day for your Mom!

This Mothers Day, the moms of the world need a day of enjoyment and relaxation now more than ever! With this unprecedented pandemic, this year's Mothers Day is clearly different than those we've celebrated in the past. That doesn't mean it can't be just as special. This is your time to shine fathers and children of the wonderful mothers of the world. Below is a list of activities we think most moms would LOVE to partake in to make their special day as magical and therapeutic as possible!

Breakfast in Bed

 Breakfast in bed has always been a staple as Mother's day meals go, and why mess with a perfect thing?  Your mom has always made sure you're fed and happy in the morning so we think she deserves some time to sleep in, wake up to the smell of fresh coffee, and enjoy her favourite morning meal from the comfort of her happy place, her bed. Here at Sleepenvie, we know a thing or two about comfortable beds, so if your mom is in need of a new mattress or pillow, look no further! (Promo Code: SHOPSAFE 😉)

Home Spa Setup

As we know, we can't just send mom to the spa this year, but we can make one at home! Make sure you have plenty of supplies to support your home mom spa. Great ideas for that are bath or shower bombs, mani and pedi sets, scented candles, freshly washed towels, face masks (not the ones we have to wear out of the house), and maybe even some essential oils or incense. Lastly, depending on the time of day it is (preferably some time afternoon 😇) We're sure most moms wouldn't say no to a nice glass of wine.

Homemade gifts

Sure you can shop for mom online but nothing says heartfelt like a homemade gift! These days there are no shortages of online tutorials for handmade crafting, drawings, paintings, knitting, sewing, etc. If you're not the craftiest of people and still want to make mom smile, a simple homemade mother's day card is something she's sure to love. For those more ambitious home craft pursuers, we encourage you to go full Bob Ross on your projects! All art is beautiful if its from the heart.

High Tea

No, not that high tea… We're talking about the fancy British tradition of dressing up in your Sundays best and snacking on some posh bites while sipping tea from your best china. The formality of this early afternoon activity is purely up to you. Really it’s just an excuse to prepare your mom's favourite snacks while she enjoys a nice cup of tea. Just make sure the snacks aren't too heavy, you don’t' want to ruin mom's appetite before Mother's day dinner!

Gourmet Dinner by You

You're the host, you're the server, you’re the chef, and you guessed right, you're even the dishwasher. The amount of times your mom has done all these things for you is uncountable, so don't skimp on the details. Be sure you know mom's favourite meal to make because, well obviously she can't go to her favourite restaurant to get it so the pressure's on! Yes, we know some people tend to be culinarily inept, but that doesn’t stop you from ordering her takeout. Just make sure you remember to take the time for a thorough cleanup. Your mom has kept the kitchen clean for years, no reason you can't take on that responsibility.  

Dessert and a Movie

Ok, so understandably we may all have had our fair share of movie nights these days, so you'll have to make Mothers Day movie night extra special. Some ideas: her favourite dessert (obvi.), buttered popcorn, lots of candles, plenty of blankets and pillows, A comfortable spot to sit (if you don't have one we've got you covered), her favorite cocktail, and be sure to have a box of tissues, just in case she wants to watch a tear-jerker. You guessed it, the movie pic of the night is 100% her choice.


Most important this mother's day, be sure to smile, make your mom smile, and fill your day full of laughter and love. These are crazy times but we will get through this together, one smile at a time.


Happy Mothers Day!


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