In Bed With: Randy Rozaay

In Bed With: Randy Rozaay

Randy Osei aka Randy Rozaay is a man of many talents. He played collegiate basketball until 2013 and then pursued a career off the court as a brand manager for the Number 1 Pick in the NBA Draft. Two years later, he launched Rozaay Management. His agency has changed direction over the years transforming from a sports management agency to a powerful social enterprise that focuses on creative marketing and branding. They believe in the power of people and the organic connections between us. With these relationships, Osei has successfully managed memorable campaigns for his clients as well as some major brands. Their talent pool does not stop at NBAers but includes members of the NFL, MLS, and CFL, as well as some huge non-athletic influencers. More recently he has worked with major brands such as Deloitte, IBM, American Express, Shopify, and many more. Let's get in bed with Randy Rozaay to see what makes him tick!


How does it feel to be a top social entrepreneur in Toronto?

You know, I don't look at myself like that. I have been blessed to have praying parents that have motivated me to do what my heart desires.
Through my entrepreneurial journey, I have been blessed to see the world, meet amazing people, and learn from my mistakes. I have always had the heart to give and I just think people are taking notice. How many people you bless is how you measure success.

How do you mentally prep for long workdays?

I never really know when a long workday can hit because no two days are ever the same so it's important for me to stay balanced. Reading, Stretching, Meditating and hitting the gym are the ways that I incorporate mental balance to ensure I am productive on long work days, whenever they decide to show up.

What is your ideal breakfast in bed?

Hopefully, my mom doesn’t see this, she would kill me. But in a perfect world, turkey bacon, egg whites, side of fruit and a green tea.


Tell us about your Do Your Part Celebrity Game and collaboration with Return The Love Community Support.

I began social impact work back in 2013 while I was working with my first NBA client, Anthony Bennett. We hosted basketball camps, Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaways at the Boys and Girls Club in Jane and Finch and back to school backpack giveaways in areas that meant a lot to him. Working with him on those projects opened up my eyes to see how we can help change our communities.

So, in 2018 I launched the Return The Love Community Support, a Canadian Non-Profit to get funding to support more projects. The goal is to leverage the networks and relationships I have created with Rozaay Management, to offer support and programs to the communities and youth that need it most.

I applied for my first grant in 2019 with the City of Brampton and we were awarded it, which usually never happens. I wanted to touch on an issue that is very important and called on the relationships that I had built with Rozaay Management to amplify this message. 

The Do Your Part Celebrity Game was a game I launched in partnership with the City of Brampton to use basketball as a unifying tool to bring awareness to climate action and ways that people can reduce their carbon footprint. It was a huge success as we sold out in 5 days and had over 850 people attend. Team Roy Woods ended up taking the title, and I've already begun to work on year 2. September 6th is our date and more details to come. 5000 people expected to attend. Maybe we can get Sleepenvie to be a partner haha.

Huge thanks to Roy Woods, 4YE, Keisha and Tray Rush, community partners and all the influencers that contributed their time to make the event a huge success.


What made you want to get into Marketing sports and entertainment?

I saw a huge gap between professional athletes and small to medium-sized businesses and wanted to fill it back in 2015. Since then our services have grown to consult for large businesses such as HP Canada, and OLG while allowing us to be contracted by the City of Brampton and the Region of Waterloo. My experience is vast and very diverse and allows me to think of solutions to different problems regardless of the sector or space the trial may be in.


If you had to pick one team, any sport which is your favourite? 

I am a Toronto kid, so I have to go with the Toronto Raptors. We won our first title last year and the growth of its sports technology is going to change technology and sports forever.




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