In Bed With: Oshae Brissett

In Bed With: Oshae Brissett

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We caught up with Toronto Raptors own, small forward Oshae Brissett to talk about pre-game rituals, ideal morning meals, and of course sleep. Check out how Oshae keeps on his A-game with the help of his Sleepenvie Hunter Mattress on this week's installment of In Bed With Oshae Brissett.


How do you keep up with your extremely busy schedule as a professional athlete?

The most important thing is being organized and managing your schedule both on and off the court. Making sure I’m prepared to perform in games and practice and doing what’s needed prior to being at my best. This may involve getting therapy and rehab when needed. Getting in good sleep and eating right. 


What is your pre-game ritual?

I do my best to have a good meal and nothing too heavy or greasy so I don’t feel it later. I need to be ready to display all my athleticism and bring energy to my team. 


How do you deal with jet lag?

Just try and make sure I get a good rest prior to flights if it’s a morning flight. If it’s an evening flight after a game I do my best to get a solid sleep when we arrive at our destination. I need to give my body the necessary time to recharge. 


How does sleep enhance your overall health as an athlete? 

It just helps me be more sharp and alert. I am more focused on adequate rest and gives me the best opportunity. 


What is your ideal breakfast in bed?

I would have some simple scrambled eggs and fruits with some toast. 


How does it feel to play for your country as a Toronto Raptor?

It’s is a fairy tale come true. Being a kid growing up dreaming about it and to see it become a reality is still surreal. Now on this stage and having my family and friends close I feel an obligation to prove I belong and will set the tone right for my early career. 


At the end of a tough game night, how good does it feel to jump into bed at night?

It’s the greatest feeling in the world. Nothing like getting a comfortable bed to sleep on. I have a tendency to want to hurry back just so I can shower up and get to bed. 






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