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IN BED WITH: MARCUS PETERSON, Model, Entrepreneur and NFL Athlete

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IN BED WITH: MARCUS PETERSON, Model, Entrepreneur and NFL Athlete

Photo Credit: @marcustpeterson

Marcus is an NFL athlete, a global innovative entrepreneur, a model for LA Models, & the founder of " MP" Motivational Apparel. A young man who believes in redefining "impossible," he attended a small Christian high school playing “8- man” football and was not introduced to the game until 10th grade. As his passion for the game grew, he continued to hone his craft on the field, making his dream of becoming a professional football player a reality. Without receiving any Division-1 college scholarships, making it to the NFL was a long shot, but, after his collegiate senior year, he had the opportunity to train with elite NFL quarterback’s, receivers, and trainers.

Years of hard work paid off and Marcus signed with the NFL, became a model for LA Models, graduated with an MBA and championed his own clothing line "MP" Motivational Apparel. 

1. We understand you've broken into runway modelling for fashion week. Which design houses did you walk for? Where?

Yes, in February & March both in New York & Los Angeles. I walked for Mister TripleX, Supin, Ricardo Seco, Dust of Gods, and K- Swiss. 

2. Modelling all over the country must require a considerable amount of travel. How do you combat jet-lag when you’re on location so you can arrive looking fresh and rested?

I’m used to traveling a lot for professional football, studying overseas to obtain my MBA and personal travel. I usually take a Benadryl for long flights, bring a good book, and finish up whatever blogging or content creation I need to do for my brand or collaborations that I'm working on. I must say, being jet-lagged does take a toll on me at times.

3. How has working with these major design houses impacted how you will move forward with your brand "MP" Motivational Brand Apparel?

Having the ability to be a visionary and seeing the 'behind the scenes' of what goes on, business-wise and runway wise, has been very eye-opening. I believe this hands-on experience will help take my motivational brand to the next level as my personal brand continues to grow. Both my personal and motivational brands represent bringing light to the world as I continue to network and connect with top heads in different industries.

4. What inspired you to start your motivational brand?

“MP" Motivational Brand Apparel, is for anyone who has ever been overlooked, underestimated, told they couldn’t achieve something or that they aren't good enough. This has happened to me more times than I can tell you and, even though it's a struggle, I continue to strive.
My goal is to help other people understand that there will be times in our lives where we’ll be overlooked and counted out but, we can never lose faith or sight of our goals.
No matter what our paths are as individuals, we all have challenges we overcome to achieve success. This notion provides the opportunity to wear our struggles literally on our sleeves to ignite our dreams in overcoming the no’s in life and become proof of the yes!

5. Juggling all of this must be a challenge. How does sleep impact your performance as an entrepreneur, model and athlete? 

I didn’t know until recently that sleep is so important for recovery, mental health, physical health, growth and so much more. Nothing is better to me than sleep, I literally love sleeping. With good sleep, I feel recharged and ready to take on any of my tasks.


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