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IN BED WITH: Bellator Middleweight, Joe Schilling

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IN BED WITH: Bellator Middleweight, Joe Schilling

Photo Credit: @joe_schilling

Joe Schilling, the greatest American Kickboxer in the world, now competes for Bellator MMA. Joe grew up in Dayton Ohio and moved to Los Angeles to chase and achieve his dreams of fighting. Once Joe reached the highest success in Kickboxing, he decided to continue to challenge himself and transition into MMA. 

Joe caught the attention of fans and athletes worldwide with his use of devastating elbows, gaining the nickname “Stitch ‘em Up”. Schilling is a decorated fighter winning multiple World Titles. Joe was the Glory Middle Weight World Champion, runner up in the Glory Last Man Standing Tournament where he fought multiple times in one night, the MTAA United States Super Middleweight Champion, WBC Muay Thai Super Middleweight World Champion, WBC Muay Thai United States Light Heavy Weight Champion, and the WBC Muay Thai Interim World Light Heavyweight Champion. Joe has also earned Knock out of the Year and goes down in history as the man who brought Kickboxing to America. 

Joe owns The Yard Muay Thai gym in LA. Joe doesn't just get his training done there, he also coaches. Joe is sought after by the best professional fighters currently competing in the UFC and Bellator to improve their striking. 

Joe continues to grow his legacy and seeks new challenges every day. Though he already possess an extremely successful career, this is just the beginning for Joe Schilling.


1. In the past 10 years, MMA has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. UFC and Bellator fights are selling out arenas all over the world and MMA and kickboxing gyms are growing in popularity in cities everywhere. What drew you to the sport initially?

As a kid, I was always very competitive and attracted to combat sports and fighting. When I was 13 or 14 years old, I realized I wasn’t just interested in it, I had a talent and could be really good.

2. I know you're in camp now training for your upcoming middleweight Bellator fight against Tony Johnson on October 4--can you walk us through an average day in camp? In the eat, sleep, train routine--how important is the sleep component to your overall success?

Sleep is extremely important during camp. I always make sure I get as much quality sleep as possible. During camp, I wake up in the morning and eat a good breakfast, head to the gym, I do whatever my first workout is that day (sparring, strength and conditioning, cardio). After my first training session, I relax, grab lunch and get ready for my next training session. Normally I train two or three times a day. I finish my day relaxing and eating dinner and get into bed as soon as I can so I can recover and get ready for the next day.

3. Coming off of two wins in Bellator 210 and 219, how does your training camp compare to your passed camps? Since you were successful in your last two fights, will you maintain the same strategy or have changed things up according to your opponent?

My strategy stays the same from fight to fight, I just continue to improve my skills in between every fight.

4. Getting a bit beat up during training seems to come with the territory in preparation for a big fight--how do you handle recovery?

Sleep, nutrition and supplements all are key components to my recovery. Sleep is definitely the most important, that is when my body heals.

5. The night before a fight must be very exciting. How do you make sure you get the rest you need to perform at your best the next day?

I visualize my fight and visualize the fifteen minutes after my fight to help me fall asleep the night before.

6. After a fight, are you more mentally or physically tired? Or a combination of the two? How long do you typically sleep that night?

I’m physically and mentally drained after a fight. There’s an extreme level of stress and mental anxiety that goes into fighting. When I fight, I leave everything I have in the cage, so I’m both mentally and physically drained when it's over. I usually sleep as much as I can the day after and continue to get a lot of rest through the following week. 

Check out his matchup with Tony Johnson this Friday, October 4, for Bellator 229.


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