IN BED WITH: Levern Jacobs III of the CFL's BC Lions

IN BED WITH: Levern Jacobs III of the CFL's BC Lions

Levern Jacobs III is a Wide Receiver for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League.
Prior to signing with the Lions, Levern was a member of the Washington Redskins of the NFL. The Temple Hills, Maryland Native attended college in his home state at the University of Maryland, College Park in the United States, where he was a member of the football team and finished his career ranked 7th in school history in receptions (130) and 12th in receiving yards (1,544), leading his team in receptions and receiving yards on twice in his career. Levern and his fiancé, have a thriving real estate investment business in his hometown in addition to many other entrepreneurial endeavours. 


1. As a former NFL athlete and a current CFL athlete, it's clear that you have a passion for football. What drew you to the game initially? What advice would you give kids that are falling in love with the sport now to pursue it as a career in the future? 

My initial love for the game was built out of anger. Growing up I was an aggressive kid with a lot of energy and football was my release. If I were to talk to kids about pursuing football as a future career path, I would encourage them to keep striving and never let someone or something derail you from your dreams. Be a professional on an off the field and it’s never too early or too late to start carrying yourself like a pro.

2. You've overcome immense adversity early in your career with injuries, how has that experience affected the way you approach rest and recovery? How did you stay motivated when the odds were stacked against you?

Staying motivated is never an issue when you're an athlete, it’s staying connected to your teammates/brothers, whom you battle with every day when you're away from the game due to injury. That was my biggest obstacle. I stay positive because my support system is great and I've learned to manage outside of just the game. While being hurt it's a mental game, you have to decide for yourself that you are the best and nothing or nobody can effect that! Not an injury, not being released, nothing!

3. As this is your first year with the BC Lions, how has your transition to Canada been? New country, new team, new league, new challenges. Now that you have settled in a little bit, what do you like to here do in your free time? 

My transition was not too difficult, but not easy either. I say this because at the end of the day it’s still just football. The somewhat difficult part was being away from family and adjusting my body to this game. It’s a new set of rules, a new field, the whole dynamic of the game changed once I got to BC. But Canada is beautiful. B.C. is a beautiful province; I recommend people go see Vancouver or Kamloops, it’s gorgeous there.

4. With your rigorous training and playing schedule as a professional athlete AND your fiancé's busy schedule as an entrepreneur, how do you prioritize getting the rest you need in your household so that both of you can perform at your best? 

You have to realize that sleep is just as important or more important than any business meeting, any game or meeting, or socializing event. Getting good sleep is the key to success with everything you do in your daily life.

5. Your Instagram account gives us a glimpse into your home life and your adorable son Cameron makes regular appearances in your posts. How has becoming a father impacted your view on the importance of sleep? 

Becoming a father showed me the importance of sleep because my 3-year-old son is a totally different person from when he is well rested and when he just gets the minimum hours needed to function. I don’t think I ever realized before what not getting the full 7-8 hours of sleep does to me, but when once I was able to see how it affected him, I realize the importance of good sleep an how productive one could be. 

6. Travel comes with the territory in your line of work; it must be tough to be away from the family travelling for away-games, not to mention overcoming jet-lag, sleeping in different hotels and playing in different stadiums. What's your strategy for overcoming these obstacles when you're on the road?

My strategy is to never get too high or never get too low--stay level headed when it’s a home or away game. Just gotta keep that same mentality all season, no matter your location.

7. You're having a nice, relaxing sleep-in day with the family. What's your go-to breakfast-in-bed during your off-season?

My go-to is scrambled eggs with cheese with white toast, maple bacon and some orange juice.

8. What's your secret to sweet dreams? 

Getting a Sleepenvie was my secret to sweet dreams!


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