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IN BED WITH: Adeela Carter

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IN BED WITH: Adeela Carter

Adeela Carter is the proud founder and owner of Carter Strategy Group. It's a consulting firm that aids businesses, often entrepreneurial, plan out and execute their online marketing strategies. Adeela started her professional career in criminal law but switched gears to chase her dreams with a career in online marketing strategies.  Check out our chat with Adeela below as we get to know Adeela, her professional success, and her sleep tips.

1. You’ve founded a successful marketing company, Carter Strategy Group, but communications hasn't always been the focus of your career. After spending more than eight years in law, what inspired to shift your focus to communications? What do you love about this field now?

Carter Strategy Group has been an incredible blessing to me and so many others. I double-majored in Political Science and Economics at York University but before that, I took one year of business. I’ve always loved marketing and branding. My passion for justice just took a forefront. My focused shifted after having children. With two little girls, I had to redefine my definition of success. What does success look like for them and for myself? I wanted to be present in their lives for these important years. Success meant running a business from a home office so that I would be able to drop my girls to school and pick them up. It meant I didn’t have to miss the important stuff like school trips and bake sales. 

2. As a busy entrepreneur, what effect does sleep have on your ability to work effectively and be successful?

Sleep is so important in my ability to work effectively. When I first became an entrepreneur I was “team no-sleep” and then I was “team burn-out” I quickly learned that my health is my wealth and taking care of my body is a major part of being successful.  Sleep allows your body to rejuvenate itself. It allows your body to naturally heal itself. It is so important to have a good night’s rest. Today my routine is pretty consistent.  I’m in bed by 11 pm and up at 6 am. I feel amazing. I’m definitely a morning person so wake up every morning happy and ready to conquer the day. 


3. What advice do you give your clients in terms of work/life balance?

I always talk to my clients about their personal health and wellness. I believe the way you feel is a major aspect of how you perform. What are the things that matter most? In my opinion, there’s no such thing as balance. On any given day/week you may be called to give your full attention to any aspect of your life. Wether it’s personal or professional you have to be able to focus your attention where it’s needed and then get back to the regularly scheduled program. We have to know how to handle what life throws at us and your health is a huge part of that. Love your work and love your life. Tomorrow is not promised so be grateful for every moment we have here to make a difference. 


4. Your Instagram account gives us a little glimpse into some of the traveling you’ve done, looks exciting 😁. What’s your strategy for beating jet-lag?

Haha... Jet lag is a real thing! I try to stay hydrated when I travel. So lots of water and my best friend Martini Arsenault gave me some really great advice the first time I traveled to Hawaii. She said whatever I do don’t go to sleep until 9 pm. Do not take a nap, push yourself to hit that 9 pm mark and then you are usually good to go. It might take a couple of days to feel normal but that was the best advice I’ve ever gotten and live by it while traveling through time zones.  


5. How has motherhood impacted your relationship with sleep?

Motherhood has been a beautiful blessing but you will never sleep the same again. I’m definitely a light sleeper because I trained myself to listen out for crying babies. My girls are really good sleepers. They’re in bed by 8:30 pm and up around 7 am. So I have my time after they’re in bed to wrap up my day. I often do West Coast meetings after their bedtime at around 9-10 pm because it’s still early on that side of the world. I wake up an hour earlier than the girls which gives me time to do my thing in the morning before I hear my name (mom) being called 10 thousand times. 


6. It’s Sunday morning and you get to have a nice, relaxing breakfast-in-bed: what’s your go-to favourite brunch?

Definitely pancakes 😁


7. What’s your secret to sweet dreams? (tips and tricks for getting a good night’s sleep)

 I love freshly washed linens, comfy PJs, a good book and last but not least an incredible mattress. 





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