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IN BED WITH: Actress Shailene Garnett

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IN BED WITH: Actress Shailene Garnett

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In this installment of IN BED WITH we were fortunate enough to speak with actress Shailene Garnett! Shailene is a Toronto born, Los Angeles based actress that has been in the television scene since the late 2000s and has recently been in shows such as Good Witch, Murdoch Mysteries, Diggstown, and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan! We asked her about her work, travel, sleep and more! Check out our interview below and get to know Shailene a bit more, we're sure to see more of her on shows in years to come!

1. As an outsider looking in, the life of an actress seems very glamorous and exciting! What do you enjoy most about your job

I love exploring different roles to find ways to connect to each of them and to bring to life genuine, grounded and unique characters. It's a literal dream come true. Plus, being on set is so much fun! When you get a great cast and crew, it barely feels like work which is a bonus!

2. As a Toronto girl based in LA, acting must require a considerable amount of travel. How do you combat jet-lag when your shooting on location so you not only appear fresh and rested but also so you can perform at your best?

I’ve mastered the art of sleeping on the plane, so having a comfortable travel pillow and eye mask are crucial. Before I travel, I make sure to drink a LOT of water the night before and the morning of the flight. Lastly, just before I board, I slather on my favourite face oil to protect my skin from the drying plane air.

3.  What does ‘beauty sleep’ mean to you? How do you think sleep affects your appearance? Do you have a specific nightly routine that you follow

'Beauty sleep' is the amount of rest needed to keep me looking and feeling my best. I aim to get an average of 7 or 8 hours of sleep whenever possible. Anything less, within a couple of nights I get dark circles around my eyes, I start to look worn down and I’ll even break out!
My nighttime routine usually consists of a good face cleanser and moisturizer. I keep water by my bedside and sleep on my Skylar cooling gel memory foam pillow which prevents puffiness the next morning. 

4.  In your opinion, what relationship does sleep have with memory? As an actress, being able to effectively remember and deliver your lines must be hugely important. Do you find that getting good sleep helps?

Sleep is necessary for memory retention. When I’m learning lines, I do my best studying late at night and after a solid sleep, everything is locked in and ready to be delivered. I’m practically rendered useless on minimal sleep. I’ll typically squeeze in naps in my trailer on long days to help keep my mind fresh and ready.

5. We really enjoyed watching you in Jack Ryan and Diggstown! Where can we look out for you next?

I’m glad you enjoyed them! Jack Ryan (season 1) was a blast to shoot and I’m very proud of Diggstown. I have a recurring role in Murdoch Mysteries playing Nomi Johnston, the biracial lovechild of Inspector Thomas Brackenreid, from a previous relationship. Season 13 is airing now on CBC.

6. It’s a Sunday morning and you get to have a nice, relaxing breakfast-in-bed: what’s your go-to favourite brunch?

Eggs benedict with either a mocha cappuccino (with steamed coconut milk) or a unique blend of hot tea.  

7. What’s your secret to sweet dreams? (tips and tricks for getting a good night’s sleep).

Put your phone on airplane mode and keep it out of reach! Seriously! Other than that, give me a dark room, cozy blanket and my Skylar pillow and I'm headed straight to dreamland!


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